Certified Pest Control

Since 2014, Certified Pest Control has been your trusted local, family-owned partner in pest control, dedicated to safeguarding your peace of mind through health, safety, and financial protection. Our proven track record is built on our swift response to your pest issues, our deep knowledge of Florida’s unique pest challenges, and our unwavering commitment to delivering guaranteed results. Rest assured, you can rely on us to effectively help you live pest free.

We uphold our CORE FOUR in everything that we do: Crystal Clear Communication, Above & Beyond, Conscious Execution, and Listen, Solve, & Implement.

  • Crystal Clear Communication: We explain our service, complete the work, and then provide a detailed account of what we did and found, along with clear expectations and results.
  • Above & Beyond: We actively seek out and create “AB MOMENTS” by going the extra mile to ensure the best customer experience.
  • Conscious Execution: We prioritize safety, environmental care, and precision execution in all our services.
  • Listen, Solve, & Implement: We listen with empathy, collaborate to address your specific pest issues, and stay updated with industry advancements and implement changes to deliver the best pest control service possible.


Ready for an unparalleled pest control service? Join our CERTIFIED family and experience why thousands of your neighbors trust Certified Pest Control.

Luke Hall, Owner of Certified Pest control
Edita Hall, Co-Owner/Finances of Certified Pest Control
Sean Velez, Service Manager of Certified Pest Control
Misty Cook, Office Manager of Certified Pest Control
Certified Pest Control

Luke Hall

Meet Luke, the passionate founder and owner of Certified Pest Control, established in 2014. Proudly native to Naples, Luke brings a wealth of local expertise and a passion for serving his community. With a deep understanding of the pest control industry, Luke not only leads by example but also empowers his team with his knowledge and guidance. Beyond work, Luke finds solace in fishing, outdoor adventures, and exploring new destinations. As a devoted husband, father, and family man, he values relationships above all else. His commitment to putting people first is at the heart of Certified Pest Control's success.

Edita Hall

Meet Edita, the dynamic co-owner and Finance Director of Certified Pest Control. Originally from Slovakia, she now calls Ft. Myers, Florida, home, alongside her husband and their wonderful blended family. Edita earned her Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University, providing her with a strong foundation for her role. At Certified Pest Control, Edita's expertise extends beyond finance; she also champions team morale, fostering a supportive and encouraging work environment. With her strategic financial planning and management skills, Edita drives the company's success while ensuring its cultural vibrancy. Her dedication and leadership make her an indispensable part of the Certified Pest Control family.

Sean Velez

Branch Manager
Meet Sean, a seasoned pest professional with many years of experience in the pest control industry. As the dedicated branch manager of Certified Pest Control, Sean brings a wealth of expertise in pest management, customer service, and team leadership. With a strong commitment to excellence, Sean ensures that every client receives top-notch service and effective pest solutions tailored to their needs. Passionate about creating pest-free environments and fostering positive customer relationships, Sean leads by example, guiding our team to deliver outstanding results with integrity and dedication.

Misty Cook

Office Manager
Meet Misty, the dedicated office manager at Certified Pest Control. With many years of experience in administrative roles, Misty plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our office. From managing schedules and coordinating appointments to handling customer inquiries and overseeing administrative tasks, Misty is committed to delivering exceptional service with a keen attention to detail. Known for her organizational prowess and excellent communication skills, Misty is the backbone of our team, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes. With a friendly and approachable demeanor, Misty is always ready to assist both our team members and valued clients with professionalism and courtesy.


Team Spirit Ambassador
Introducing Bella, the furry face of our pest control team and our esteemed Team Spirit Ambassador! Bella's primary mission is to keep team morale high and inject some fun into the workplace. When she's not busy spreading cheer, you can find her chasing after her beloved giraffe squeak toy or engaging in thrilling lizard pursuits. In her downtime, Bella assumes the role of a pest control professional, bravely barking at any rabbits that dare to trespass into her backyard domain. But don't let her tough exterior fool you—Bella is a sucker for affection and treats, always ready to shower her colleagues with plenty of love and wagging tails. With Bella by our side, every day at CERTIFIED feels like a walk in the park.
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