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Keep bugs out of your home with our highly developed pest control service made specifically for Southwest Florida's bugs.

Since we’re a locally owned pest control company, we understand the types of pest problems you may experience in Florida. We have developed specialized pest control services that are guaranteed to take care of the specific pests in our area. Our services put you in the driver’s seat. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we back it with our 100% Satisfaction Pledge. 

Gold Pest Control Program

$ 45
00 Monthly
  • *Initial fee applies
  • Includes: all crawling insects/pests except for termites, bed bugs, rodents, urban wildlife, flies, spiders in screen enclosures such as over pools or outdoor porches and mosquitos.
  • More details: includes- ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, dust mites, moles, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, indoor spiders and spiders front under eaves, springtails, snails, scorpions and more!
  • The Gold Program service application is applied every three months.

Platinum Pest Control Program

$ 67
00 Monthly
  • *Initial fee applies
  • All from Gold Pest Control Program
  • The Platinum Program includes all pests except for termites, urban wildlife, and mosquitos. All other pests in the home or nesting in the home are included.
  • The Platinum Program includes webbing spiders in screen enclosures, bed bugs, indoor flies, rats, mice and also all pests included in the Gold Program.
  • With the Platinum Program, the customer also gets Life Time Bed Bug Protection. Ask for details regarding bed bugs.
  • This is Florida’s most inclusive pest control program!
  • The Platinum Program DOES NOT include any extensive exclusion work such as masonry or carpentry work.
  • The Platinum Program service application is applied every other month.

Certified Full-Home Service

Base Protection
$ 45
00 Monthly
  • Set appointment time
  • Covers common household pests
  • Friendly professional service
  • Family/ Pet Friendly
  • Structures up to 3,000 sqft
  • Discrete indoor treatment and virtually odorless
  • Perimeter Exterior Treatment
  • Removal of Mud Dauber & Wasp nest
  • Complimentary removal of cobwebs *limitations apply
  • UNLIMITED callbacks included in between services
  • Backed by our CERTIFIED Guarantee
  • Monthly Billing Setup Fee Applies

Certified Silver Shield

peace of mind protection
$ 54
00 Monthly
  • All from Certified Full-Home Service
  • 4 Rodent Bait Boxes
  • Attic Dusting
  • Monthly Billing Setup Fee Applies
  • Renewal Discount

Certified Gold Shield

Over $620 Saving Annually
$ 68
00 Monthly
  • All from Certified Full-Home Service
  • All from Certified Silver Shield
  • Attic Treatment
  • Subterranean Termite Baiting System
  • Flea/Tick Protection (quarterly)
  • Exclusive Webbing Spider Treatment (semi-annually)
  • Termite station installation fee applies.
  • NO Monthly Billing Setup Fee
  • Renewal Discount

Here's what separates us:

Our “standard” pest control service isn’t standard. It’s unequaled. With our Gold Pest Control Program, we include ALL insects/pests except termites, bed bugs, rodents, urban wildlife, and mosquitoes. We give YOU more value for your money. Get better than the best, GET CERTIFIED!

Our Gold Pest Control Program targets high-risk zones, entry points, and harborage areas for maximum effectiveness and protection. This service covers over 30 different common household pests.

Our Platinum Pest Control Program is packed with the ultimate protection. Our Platinum Program includes webbing spiders in screen enclosures, bed bugs, indoor flies, rats, mice and also all pests included in the Gold Program. This pest control program is Florida’s most inclusive pest control service!

Do you want to keep your family safe from pests but aren’t sure which pest control service is the right one for YOU? Our pest control services are family, pet, and environment friendly. Our services are specifically designed to treat and prevent pests that are common in Florida. Our highly developed pest control services utilize a safer method (application) and materials. They are sure to provide you with the long-term protection you need to combat Florida’s pest problems.

Safer materials. Safer method. Real Results.

Hover or click on number points to see what treatments we offer.

1. Interior Treatment

Discrete and virtually odorless interior treatment of entry points, risk areas, and harborage zones.  

2. Exterior Perimeter Treatment

Exterior Perimeter Treatment with granule applications.

3. Knockdown of Wasp Nest

Knockdown of mud daubers and wasp nests.

4. Treatment of Attic

Dusting of attic and/or other added preventative measures. 

5. Wipe Down of Cobwebs

Sweep down of loose spider webs around soffits/eaves, front door, and front windows.

6. Rodent Stations

Rodent Bait Station Placement, Monitoring, and re-baiting of Rodent Stations

7. Termite Prevention

Termite Prevention. Monitoring of Termite Baiting System, reports, and kill off baiting.

8. Lawn Treatment

Lawn treatment to protect you from fleas, ticks, millipedes, and fire ants.

9. Webbing Spider Protection

Our EXCLUSIVE Webbing Spider Treatment will rid your pool cage and front door entryway of webbing spiders for- GUARANTEED

Commercial Pest Control Services

We provide a no-prep commercial pest control service with scheduling that works around your hours of operation.

When customers do business with you, they assume your business or restaurant is clean and pest-free. Contact Certified Pest Control for the protection that keeps your business or restaurant pest-free. Our certified commercial service offers the most up-to-date and advanced pest control treatments to handle all pest problems that may occur in your business or restaurant.

Certified Commercial Service – Restaurant

Our specialized pest control methods focus on all cracks, crevices, and wall voids where pests live and breed. Other treatment areas include motor housings of appliances, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, prep tables, dishwashers, shelving, waitress stations, service bars, dining room tables, bars, display cabinets, electrical and plumbing pipes, floor drains, doors, windows, restroom fixtures, outdoor dumpsters, flower beds, mulch beds, eaves, structural defects, storage units, and other potentially risky areas. Our certified commercial service for restaurants uses less odorous and more effective materials that cannot be easily washed away with routine cleaning. Our specialized restaurant service protects against common pests including, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, and rodents. With our certified commercial service, there is no open spraying and little to no odor. We offer appointment options to help work around your ever-growing business. Our service appointments can be set before opening or after closing to avoid disturbing guests.

Certified Commercial Service – Non- Restaurant

Customers doing business with you assume you keep a clean and pest-free environment. Certified Pest Control can provide this protection and peace of mind for you at a reasonable price. We offer the latest, most complete method of commercial pest control ever developed for Southwest Florida, Certified Full-Home Service for Commercial offices and buildings. This specialized method of pest control enables our advanced thoroughly trained technicians to apply the proper amount of materials into cracks, crevices, wall voids display cabinets, electrical and plumbing pipes, floor drains, doors, windows, restroom fixtures, luncheonette counters, outdoor dumpsters, flower beds, mulch beds, eaves, soffits, outdoor construction defects, and any place a pest would hide or enter. The Certified Full-Home Service for Commercial offices and buildings is more effective, less odorous, and the materials cannot be washed away with regular clean-ups and wash downs. This specially designed method of pest control will provide you the most protection against Florida’s common pests such as; roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, and rodents. The Certified Full-Home Service for Commercial Offices and Buildings gives you the advantage of NO PREPARATION OR CLEAN UP because our materials are applied in hidden areas only, there is no open spraying, and has no or very low odor. We can service your business at any convenient time for you, even while you are open for business!

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Our Certified Guarantee

Certified Pest Control

The Certified Shield of Protection

We guarantee that after our services, or treatments, or system installations are completed, if you see the problem pest that has been treated for within the guarantee period given, we will come back and do any necessary treatments at no extra charge to you.

CERTIFIED Guarantee: Our Work Isn’t Done Until They’re All Gone

Certified Pest Control