There’s no doubt that mosquitoes are a problem pest here in Southwest Florida. They are typically the most active from late April to October. During these months, the weather change is in full swing- the heat, the rain, and of course it brings out those pesky mosquitoes.

There are thought to be well over 70 species of mosquitoes in Florida. This is much higher than most other states. There are several species of mosquitoes that are known to spread pathogens that can cause diseases in humans, and in some cases animals.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance here in Southwest Florida. However, Certified Pest Control offers mosquito control in addition to what the county offers, to help control the mosquitoes around your home or business. 


We utilize the “THREE STAGE” approach to mosquito control. We start by using the most Enviro-Friendly method first and work our way through each stage from there, if needed. Most properties that we service see excellent results within the first stage. However, some properties may take two or more treatments with upgraded methods to achieve optimal control.

We take the THREE stage approach:

First Stage: Natural Materials

Second Stage: Additional Enviro-Friendly Products

Third Stage: Traditional Residual Application

Description of each stage:

First Stage: We complete a barrier application with natural materials to control mosquitoes. Additionally, we will eliminate any contributing sources of standing water in which mosquitoes may lay their eggs. 

Second Stage: If the environment has a higher degree of moisture and thick brush we turn to additional Enviro-Friendly mosquito products.

Third Stage: If added protection is still needed or if your preference calls for it, we will apply an application with residual effects to give a boost in the level of repellency, longevity, and potency.